A cheating spouse can ruin one's relationship, and it can be challenging to know if your spouse is cheating. This article below will help you spot signs of a cheating spouse, and when you know these signs, you'll learn how to catch a cheater.

How to Find a Cheating Spouse Online?

There are several ways you can search for your spouse. One way is by creating an account on a website dedicated to cheating, such as Ashley Madison, and seeing if your spouse has a profile. Another way is to use a social media lookup site to see if your spouse has any hidden profiles.

Another way is by downloading a spy app, which can monitor your spouse's online activities.

How to Catch a Cheater Online

There are several ways to catch a cheating spouse. Here are some of them.

Read Cheating Spouse Text Messages

One of the best ways to catch a cheater is by reading their text or social media messages. Many cheaters will communicate with the person this way, and by knowing what they are saying, it is possible to decipher if they are cheating.

You can look at a spouse's phone when they aren't looking, log in to their social media, or install a spy app. One advantage of a spy app is that it can archive any deleted messages and help uncover hidden apps and profiles your spouse may use.

Free Spy Apps to Catch a Cheating Spouse

Most spy apps aren’t truly free, but they usually offer a free trial, helping you to catch your spouse without having to pay. SpyBubble Pro, uMobix, and Cocospy are three apps that you may want to try.

These apps not only help you read cheating spouse text messages free, but they can monitor your spouse’s phone in many other ways. For example, they have GPS tracking, helping you know if your spouse is really working overtime at work.

How to Get the Truth from a Cheating Spouse

When you want to confront your spouse about cheating, how can you do so?

It can be challenging, especially if you have no evidence. Even if you’ve collected evidence through spy apps, presenting it can bring hostility due to where you got the information.

The best step is to stay calm and talk to your spouse in an area that makes both of you feel comfortable. Ask open-ended questions, and let your spouse talk. Put pressure on your spouse if they start making contradictions.

One challenge you may have when confronting your spouse is hostility. It's common for a cheating spouse to express denial and anger and even try to make you feel like the wrong person for confronting them. If your spouse is doing this, you may want to try again. Alternatively, you might want to speak to a relationship counselor, who can be the intermediary between you and your spouse.

4 Questions for a Cheating Spouse

After spotting the physical signs your spouse is cheating, catching them in the act, and having them confess, asking them questions about the affair can help you understand why they did it. If you want to make the relationship work still, these questions can help with the healing process. On the other hand, if you wish to end the relationship, these questions can provide closure.

How Did You Justify This?

Perhaps the most critical question, you want to learn how your spouse permitted themselves to cheat on you and what was going on in their head. This question is fundamental if you feel like your spouse was always honest with you.

Did You Think of a Future with This Person?

Was the cheating simply a thrill, or were there plans for a future with the person they were having an affair with? If the latter, why didn’t the spouse end the relationship?

What Did You See in Them?

What was appealing about the person your spouse cheated on you with? Was it because they were similar to you or different? What did they do differently compared to you? Knowing this can help you understand why that person was so alluring.

Did You Have Unprotected Sex?

This question can be a bit uncomfortable, but it's vital. For one, your spouse or the person they cheated with may take a pregnancy test. Alternatively, you may want to ensure your spouse has not sexually transmitted diseases from the entire ordeal.